HOW MANY TACOS PER GUEST? We guarantee a minimum of 3 Large Size Tacos per guest. If we use a small street taco we guarantee a minimum of 5 tacos per guest. However that’s only our guarantee, in most cases there is enough to have some guests eat about 5/6 while others eat only 2/3. Most events have meat left over. Just remember if you under order we are not held liable for running out of food! DO YOU GUYS COOK ON LOCATION? Yes, however we have accommodated various requests to fit the needs of the event. Discuss more with your event coordinator. DO YOU GUYS COVER MY AREA? To the West we go as far as Ventura. To the East we go as far as Indio. To the South we go as far as Escondido. To the North we go as far as Victorville. Call us about other areas right outside of our coverage map. HOW MUCH SPACE DO YOU NEED? We need enough room to setup 2 tables which are 5 feet in length and one or two taco carts which are 4 feet in length. Depending on the size of your event and the package you order we could take a small grill or a large grill or even 2 grills. We will also need room behind the tables and grill for our employees to serve food. DO YOU NEED ANY ELECTRICAL OUTLETS? Electrical outlets are not necessary unless you are ordering nachos. If you do have electricity available we can bring our electric warmer to keep rice and beans in. DO THE COOKS/EMPLOYEES WEAR UNIFORM? Yes, on most occasions they will come in matching uniforms if you have a special color you are decorating maybe we can match it for you. We have lots of colors for uniforms, just let your event coordinator know what colors you would like and we will do our best to fulfill your request. I DON’T HAVE THE EXACT GUEST COUNT YET, CAN I STILL BOOK YOU FOR MY EVENT? You can still book your event if you do not have your final guest count. However we recommend ordering small and adding because once you are booked you cannot lower your headcount. We will need the final headcount 10 days prior to your event. DO YOU HAVE A CATERER’S PERMIT OR BUSINESS LICENSE? We get asked this a lot and the honest truth is WHAT IS A CATERERS PERMIT?? While we are not entirely sure where that term came from we can assure you that it does not exist! We do have a business license through Ideal Foods Commissary and also a health permit through Ideal Foods Commissary. We are also serve safe certified with a manager’s certification. Any other permits that need to be obtained would have to be done by the client. An example would be for certain cities, parks, beaches, or special venues. In addition we can provide workers comp insurance and a Tax ID if the venue needs it for legal or liability purposes. DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE? Yes, we have a $1 million insurance policy with a $2 million aggregate. DO YOU USE LARD? No way Jose! 😖😲 And as a side note, all of our non-meat products are vegetarian friendly. IS EVERYTHING REALLY HOMEMADE? Yes, you’re hiring an upscale taco catering company. We dice all of our meats by hand. Marinate all of our own foods. Everything is cooked fresh for you! Rice and beans come precooked and are made the day of your event. There’s a reason why we are a premier upscale taco catering company and not just another random taco man! DO THE COOKS SPEAK ENGLISH? Yes, all of our employee’s first language is English. The owner of the company only knows English. LEFT OVER’S? It is the customer’s responsibility to provide “to go” or “leftover” containers. For a nominal fee of $10.00, GoodFellas Taco Catering can provide containers for leftovers on the day of the event. WHAT FORM OF PAYMENT DO YOU TAKE? Credit Card payments can be made online at all payments must be received 5 days prior to your event. We do accept Checks but they must be received 2 weeks prior to your event. Only cash payments will be due the day of your event. DO YOU WORK HOLIDAYS? IS THERE AND ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR HOLIDAYS? We do work on Holidays, this includes all national holidays and celebrated days such as Valentines Day, Halloween Etc. Because these are predetermined dates some people like to schedule or book a year out so that they ensure the date. There is an additional charge of 35% added to your invoice. In addition there is a minimum of a $750 invoice required. GoodFellas Taco Catering is closed on July 4th & December 25th.