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Wedding Catering Orange County. Taco Catering, Burger Catering, Kabobs, Fish, Breakfast, and Appetizers are on our menu and can be ordered for any event, especially weddings. GoodFellas Taco Catering specializes in catering weddings in orange county.

As wedding catering experts we offer a few different wedding catering services. Our specialty is taco catering but beyond that we offer Appetizers, Bartending Services along with Bar Back Services, Beverage Attendants, Wait Staff, Plate Rentals, Utensil Rentals, Wedding Catering

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Appetizer Catering Orange County from GoodFellas Taco Catering has some amazing appetizers that are great for weddings or any type of event you may be having. Appetizer Catering Orange County


For Dinner we served Tacos! Guests had the option of choosing Carne Asada, Chicken, or Al Pastor along with Mexican Rice and Refried Beans. Taco Catering Orange County

Quality Wedding Catering Service in Orange

Wedding Catering Orange can provide food service for your wedding reception. If you’re currently searching for first-rate professional catering service for your wedding or other major event in the Orange area, our catering business is right here to save the day for you. We specialize in a vast selection of dining specialties. If you need brunch, lunch or dinner catering, we’re at your service. If you need wedding catering services in Orange that’s centered around a wide array of small plates and appetizers, we’re at your service with that, too. We also specialize in a large range of different types of cuisines. Whether you’re interested in Tacos, Kabobs, Burger Bars, Fish n Chips, or even Appetizers, All-American food or anything else under the sun, we can accommodate your wishes and taste buds. Our business is proud of our well-rounded approach to catering.

If you’re planning an Orange County wedding and want lighter food for your guests at any point, then you may want to recruit us for our appetizer catering services. Delicious finger foods can truly make weddings fun and memorable, after all. If you want your wedding guests to feast on cheese quesadillas, stuffed peppers, bacon wrapped asparagus, or ceviche tostadas, we’re on the job.

Mexican food is a favorite all around the United States and planet. If meals from south of the border are what you want for your upcoming wedding festivities, you can depend on our Orange catering company to come through for you. We can help you plan and achieve the fresh and delicious Mexican menu you didn’t think was possible before. If you want to make your wedding guests happy with scrumptious Mexican fare, you’ll be able to choose between many popular choices. Examples include fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, tacos. In terms of tasty side dishes, your options are refried beans, rice and so much more.

Some people like to mix things up with their catering, too. If you want your wedding to have a varied menu and don’t like to restrict things to specific categories, let us know and we’ll prepare a variety of amazing options for you. If you want your wedding menu to be a delightful blend of options we can make it happen. We have been known to create different stations for our events.

Our catering business in Orange County isn’t only special due to our exciting menu options. We’re also special due to our impeccable and dependable service. If you want to recruit a catering business that always displays the highest level of professionalism around, then you’ll love us. Our catering staff is extremely experienced in serving food at events such as weddings. Whether you go for plated meals or for a buffet, we’ll impress you with our attention to detail, focus and care in general. Remember with Orange wedding catering our catering attendants are truly focused on good work.

If you need the assistance of an Orange County catering business that’s well-rounded and affordable, we’re right here. Give us a call for more details 909-333-5527.

Wedding Catering Orange CountyWedding Catering Orange

When hiring us, we will prep the food, prepare it, and even have a great catering menu for you.  Our catering service will take care of the food without a problem. This will allow the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding day and a nice meal without any worries. We have great types of wedding catering in Orange.

On a wedding day, it is important to make sure that everything is perfect. Every detail from the dress to the reception food has to be correct. The reception is a time to celebrate this happy occasion. Guests are going to expect a good meal. The bride and groom will never have the time to prepare all this food for every guest in attendance.

A Orange wedding catering company can come to the rescue, such as us. We will provide a great meal and there will be plenty of it to make sure the guests leave full and satisfied.

GoodFellas Catering Company can provide various menu options such as Tacos, Kabobs, Fish n Chips, Build A Burger Bar and even Appetizers. The Bride and Groom will love the wedding food service we have. The menus will vary by price. These menus usually contain a meal where the guests can choose to have a piece of meat or a piece of chicken. Most of our menus may even contain a fish option. Vegetarian Catering options are also available as a main dish for guests that are vegan. There are side dishes that come with the meals as well. We can also work with the bride and groom couple to accommodate people that need a gluten free meal or have other restrictions in their diet. Wedding Catering Services near me in Southern California. Offering tastings for our taco bar and prices as well as wedding catering reviews for you.

Our wedding catering service is a very popular option, it is a buffet style setting. The guests are called up to get their food by table. They can select what they want from the buffet. Many couples are selecting this option because the guests can eat as much food as they want. This type of service can be harder to budget for since no one is sure exactly how much food the guests are going to eat. While the bride and groom want to make sure everyone is full and happy they do not want the food to go to waste. They also do not want to order too little and have the guests leave hungry. The couple should call and discuss the event with one of our event coordinators. Wedding Catering companies near me for vegan and vegetarian. Wedding bbq or buffet we offer family style wedding catering food.

Wedding Catering Orange CountyAppetizer Catering Orange: Start Your Reception in Good Taste!

The wedding ceremony is over and now it’s time for the fun to begin, Appetizer Catering Orange can treat your guests to delicious appetizers as soon as they walk into the bar, terrace or reception hall for cocktail hour. If you have picked a certain beloved theme for your special day, you can carry it through in the foods you choose — and that includes the appetizers.

Is your wedding a casual late morning or afternoon event? If you have a laid-back vibe or down-home charm as part of the theme running through the reception, you can’t go wrong with a great wedding menu. Wedding Catering Appetizers begin with tasty appetizers that include mouth-watering chicken, pork and beef seasoned perfectly. The small bites you choose for your wedding guests can take the form of sliders and skewers, with grilled and slow-cooked samplings. Your guests will be looking forward to more tasty goodness when it’s time to sit down for dinner.

For an ethnic theme, Mexican Food takes center stage in creating the traditional ambiance you want as the theme running through your big event. A Mexican cocktail hour theme incorporates more spices, salsa, chips and cheeses along with breads.

If your day leans toward a Mexican theme, mini burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and a nice nacho display during the cocktail hour will gear your guests up to continue the fiesta into the night.

When you pick the right mix and variety of appetizers to accompany your cocktail hour, your guests can nibble along with their drinks, giving them energy for the dancing, congratulating and partying to come. The right food, the right theme and the right energy will all work together to make your wedding reception a night to remember!

Wedding Appetizer Catering Orange County
Wedding Catering Appetizers Orange County
Wedding Catering Appetizer Orange CountyCaterers in Orange CA: Just what Your Event Need

Catering a Wedding Reception and Organizing an event is a tall order. You need to make sure that everything is good. One of the things that you must put in place is food. Food not only entertains your guests, but also creates memories in the minds of the attendants. Because of this, you should put an extra effort to satisfy each guest. Since each person comes from a different background, it can be hard to know how to satisfy everyone. The best decision to make is to hire the services of Caterers in Orange. Caterers in Orange County CA have offered catering services to many clients organizing events. They can use their experience and skills to advise and help you organize the best event.

Remember, you wouldn’t be forgiven if your food is not up to the standard. After all, you have been given a lot of time to arrange for the event. The least that your guests expect is total satisfaction. That is why you cannot afford to bypass the services of Caterers in Orange CA. Catering experts will be there to advise you on the type of food to cook. These experts will help you know the ingredients that should be bought. What’s more, Caterers in Orange will advise you about the amount of food that will be enough for the guests that you will have. This means that your caterers will help you prepare menus as well as buy enough food that wouldn’t shame you during the big day.

Preparing menus is not the only thing that your Caterers in Orange CA will help you with. These experts will be there to prepare the food for you. In fact, these experts can come and make a makeshift tent at your venue to prepare food from there. This will not only assure high-quality food, but reduce distance as well.

The day wouldn’t end without serving your guests. Your guests will expect to be treated and served with dignity. Your Caterers in Orange know how to handle visitors well. For instance, these experts know when to refill drinks, add more food and change a menu. When answering questions from your guests, Caterers in Orange County CA will use right and simple language so that the message is understood well. Finally, your experts will always be at the right place at the right time to serve your visitors.

It is always a plus when you hire Caterers in Orange. It is even better when you hire the best Caterers in Orange CA. It is important, therefore, to take your time to research and come up with the best in the industry.

Catering Orange CountyProfessional Catering for Orange County Events Helps Reduce Stress for Event Planner

Every caterer is going to offer different foods and different types of services. Sometimes, events will have a large meal offered to guests, while other times, there will be finger foods or just desserts offered. Weddings, Wedding Rehearsal Dinners and other parties are going to be very important to whoever is planning the event.

Most caterers will also provide the tableware. This can include fancy dishes that will need to be washed afterwards (rental charge) but can also include disposable plates, cups and more. If you would like to order our rentals talk to your event coordinator. The type of event and who is attending will determine a lot about this though. The wedding couple will be able to choose which they prefer for their event. Catering companies offer many options for customers. If anyone is considering hiring someone who is experienced in Catering Orange County provides many different types of foods and beverages.

Professional Catering Orange County CACatering for Parties in Orange

Party catering is the ability to allow your caterer to feed as many people as possible in the most inexpensive way possible. This often means that the caterer chooses from a variety of snack like foods – fruits, vegetable trays, cookies, etc. However, we offer much better food than that.

We offer party catering for many weddings. This will give you a wide range of different snack foods to feed your guests – especially if the party is going to be long and between meals. Between catching up with friends, enjoying games, dancing, and other activities, the guests will be hungry.

Drinks are another piece to this catering type. From alcoholic mixes to water and lemonade, the drinks can bring a life of their own to the party. We can mix the drinks, or you can mix them yourself if you’d prefer. Bartending Services are available if you need them. For the hosts on a budget or don’t drink alcohol, water from the tap is always an option. Lemonade packets or mixes can liven it up if the guests wish to have something with more flavor. Pitchers allow the guests to serve themselves, or you can hire a bartender to serve the drinks if the party is going to have a lot of people.

Overall, this type of catering can offer you a flexibility that others may not offer. It fits to all budgets, and can be prepared in a pinch. This will allow you to feed your guests and still be able to enjoy your wedding. Party catering is certainly something to consider no matter the circumstances surrounding the party or what kind of party it is. Guests will enjoy the variety that it offers, and you can relax knowing that you will have some great food at your party.

Hiring an Event Catering Service Orange

Planning a special event is exciting. You have a lot of wedding catering ideas and you just cannot wait to start putting all the elements together. The amount of detail you put into creating your perfect event will show through to your guests from the beginning of the event to the end.

Pulling off a successful event will require help. Having the right people to assist you will make your planning experience easier. One way to make the process go smoothly is to hire an event caterer. An event caterer can take care of all your needs so you do not have too.

Hiring an Event Caterer in Orange

Before hiring an event caterer, you need to have a clear idea of the type of food you would like served and the type of services you require. Do you need bar service, servers, a cake, and/or decorations? Having a clear understanding of your needs and desires will help you to find the right caterer for your event. It will also help the right caterer provide you with the proper services you need. Orange event caterers are perfect for this job.

Catering Services Orange

Event caterers can also be a great asset. They can provide you helpful tips on planning your event. They have great knowledge about proper time management ideas for the day. They can help you plan the time for every element of your gathering. They know the right time to introduce every food course within the confines of the celebration. If you have presentations and ceremonies planned, the event catering service can help you schedule the hors d’oeuvres, drinks, main course, and desert around each ceremony. The one task can help keep your event moving smoothly.

People have developed more food allergies than ever before. Having food sensitivity is crucial when planning an event. Your event caterer should be able to help you choose allergy friendly foods. They should be able to give you options of foods for guest that may be vegetarians. They can also give you tips on how to label foods being served that are on the food allergy list. You want to provide all your guest viable food options so that everyone is happy with their meal.

Planning an event takes a lot of time and effort. Hiring the appropriate help will make a huge difference in your stress level. Choosing a professional event catering team can free your mind of stress and free your time. The time you save not worrying about the food choices can be better served planning other elements of your event to make it the event you envisioned throwing.

Orange County Wedding CateringWedding Catering Menu Packages and Prices

Wedding catering prices per person can vary greatly depending on the menu and the number of guests you will be having. Your wedding catering budget should be discussed with your event coordinator. You can decide on having wedding catering $20 per person or wedding catering $30 per person. When you’re having a big event wedding catering for 100,200,300,400 or even just 50 guests we can customize your wedding catering options. Wedding Catering 15 per head is a low-cost route to go.


When You Really Need The Best Caterer – Check Out Orange County

Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine there was so much to prepare for a wedding. So many catering companies, how do you decide? How do you get the best catering in Orange county?


That’s right! Write down what you expect. What are some minor goals you hope to have at the gathering. Caterers are experts in gathering preparation’s. Even the best catering in Orange has to understand what you want. You really want the caterer to offer you the best deal. If you put it in writing, everyone knows up front what is expected.


A professional caterer that does a good job, will gladly offer reviews. Especially if you tend to have the best catering in Orange. You want to develop a working relationship that is favorable to your gathering. A caterer has wonderful ideas you may not have thought of. They have insight on what makes a gathering successful. The best catering in Orange, will offer suggestions. Be open to what they may professionally suggest.

Call catering Orange ca. when you need a quality catering business. Regardless of the event you need to provide food for they can handle it. Catering Orange can manage big or small events.

Weddings are one of the most important events in your life. Trust catering Orange ca. to make the food for your wedding reception. Whether it is Hors d’Oeuvres, a complete meal or just desserts we can do provide whatever you need.

If you need someone to make food for a rehearsal dinner keep us in mind for this too. Simply reserve a comfortable venue, and catering Orange will prepare a meal that will be memorable for you and your guests.

Bridal showers and baby showers are also events to call catering Orange ca. Not only do we prepare a table you will be proud of, but we are also creative. If you have a theme you want us to keep in mind we can accommodate this request. We can match our food selection with your theme.

Regardless of whatever event you are hosting catering Orange ca will help you make it special. They have the experience, organization, commitment and enthusiasm to make your special event perfect.